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Our Tracking Platform

ProGPS offers GPS Tracking devices that are pre-configured and ready for use by users. Our app enables you to locate your vehicle and track it in real time from your computer, tablet or mobile through android and IOS applications.

ProGPS offers a variety of GPS device models that satisfies the end user needs. We provide solutions that meet individual needs as well as business with fleet vehicles.
Our service is very effective in recovering stolen vehicles or assets by using the autogeofence, powercut and movement alerts.

The devices are smart, advanced and can be integrated with different beacon or LoRa sensors.
ProGPS tracking platform supports a wide range of GPS models in addition to the ones we offer, enabling users to connect their device to our tracking system.

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Our Tracking Devices

Our tracking devices are preconfigured and ready to use.

Once you have installed our GPS tracking device, you will be able to track your vehicle through our platform or ProGPS application. Also you will find useful information on your screen about various sensors that show the current state of your vehicle.
You can access it by installing the ProGPS app on your smartphone found in the Appstore and google play or from your computer via any browser by visiting without the need to install anything. See our Gps Tracking Devices

102 NANO Magnetic Car Vehicle Personal Tracking Device

Integrated GNSS Module

GNSS is an acronym for the Global Navigation Satellite System, which allows GNSS-enabled devices to access multiple systems like GLONASS and GPS. The first generation trackers could only use the GPS satellite system, unlike GNNSS enabled devices. The benefit of having access to various satellite system is that there is higher location accuracy levels and speed on satellite connections. Even though our devices have a compact size and simple to use, they have an integrated GNNS module that makes them the best GPS tracking devices in the market.

GNSS Device
Truck GPS Tracking

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