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ProGPS Mobile APP for Android and iOS Devices

ProGPS Smartphone APP – Track your vehicle in real time by downloading the ProGPS app on Google Play for Android devices and on Appstore for iOS devices.
The app is free to download and very user friendly. Different maps can be selected like Google streets or satellite map in order to have a better view of your vehicle’s location. You can create alerts so you can get push notifications on your smartphone as your car moves, enters or leaves a specific area, as well as many other alerts (overspeed, power cut, ignition, driver behaviour etc). ProGPS mobile App has the capability of satisfying the requirement of both our individual consumers and enterprise fleet leaders.

You will need to install the ProGPS App on your smartphone from where you can log in using your ProGPS account. The App is free and available to all ProGPS subscribers and does not have any in-app purchases.

You can renew your annual subscription simply by selecting one of the plans here.

You can also access a demo account using the following login credentials;

Demo Login : Clik Here For Login Demo

Username: gps@demo

Password: 123456


The latest ProGPS updates enable you to have an enhanced user experience and additional options on the dashboard that allows you to access the live locations, tracker settings and sensor information. You can also have a quick view of your vehicle by swiping between vehicles on the speedometer. Also, the update allows you to view additional information, including the ignition status and current speed, which are displayed on the App’s dashboard screen. Most importantly, the menu is very user-friendly and the dashboard has extra buttons to provide you with real-time information about your vehicles. The information includes History, Alarms, Devices, Top-up, Sensors, Maps and much more.


A digital map will display a real-time location of your vehicles. You will have access to six different map options where you can access the locations of your vehicles easily. The servers update the location of your vehicles every few seconds. The mobile App uses this data to provide real-time location of your vehicle.


You will be able to see the exact address of your vehicle or if an event occurred.


The menu will display a list of your tracking devices and the tracker’s IMEI number. With the latest update, the current speed and odometer will be displayed on the Objects page. When you click on one of the objects on the list, you will be able to access the map page that gives you a real-time location of your device. It provides you with the opportunity to locate your fleet driver at any time using ProGPS App on your smartphone. When needed, you can track the progress of your employees’ work. After every ten seconds, the device page is refreshed to provide you with accurate information regarding your drivers and vehicles.


Alerts & Notifications

ProGPS tracking platform allows you to access various alerts and notifications for crucial cases. You can pick from a range of alternatives starting from a simple over-speed alert to your child arriving safely to school and back. Each time that an incident happens, ProGPS will immediately notify you and let you know of the event.

Nowadays, ProGPS has make it easier to follow the movements of a vehicle, individual, or  an asset. Companies can control driving behaviour with frequent sensor information updates and boost their operational performance by quickly making adjustments at their convenience. You can remotely monitor the movements of your family members and send assistance to them when an emergency occurs.