Real-time Tracking

ProGPS live tracking platform will give you the opportunity to track your vehicle in real time by accessing the...

Past Route History

Our manageable, adjustable tracking software does not need any installation and works perfect in any smartphone, tablet, or...

Performance Reports

Every fleet business in the industry incurs operational costs. With the assistance of ProGPS, you can significantly cut money expenses...

Geo-fence Zones

ProGPS enables users to create imaginary borders around particular regions on the map, which can be customised to...


Track your devices on Smartphone, PC or Tablet

Use any desktop PC, tablet, laptop or a smartphone to connect to our cloud-based live tracking platform. Track your devices from any location – you only need internet connectivity

 Subscribing to a GPS device with M2M Data SIM card

Completely ‘ready-to-go’ option for tracking assets, ProGPS tracking device powered by Teltonika, omes with our M2M data sim installed, Live tracking platform

Alerts & Notifications

ProGPS tracking platform allows you to access various alerts and notifications for crucial cases. You can pick from a range of alternatives starting from a simple over-speed alert to your child arriving safely…

How to Track my Cheating Spouse

How to track my cheating spouse with the help of technology? In a relationship, lifelong loyalty breeds lifelong trust. You just cannot ignore this aspect, and yet, when your heart wanders to look for some spice away, you end up losing your beloved ones’ trust. […]

How To Recover Your Stolen Vehicle?

How To Recover Your Stolen Vehicle Using GPS Tracking App? With billions of vehicles being stolen from homes, parking areas, shopping malls, etc., it becomes difficult for owners and even authorities to trace them. It takes the toll on your hard-earned investment that you have […]


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