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Real Time Vehicle Tracking

Alerts & Notifications
ProGPS tracking platform allows you to access various alerts and notifications for crucial cases. You can pick from a range of alternatives starting from a simple over-speed alert to your child arriving safely to school and back. Each time that an incident happens, ProGPS will immediately notify you and let you know of the event.[…]
Subscribing to a GPS device with M2M Data SIM card
Completely ‘ready-to-go’ option for tracking assets ProGPS tracking device powered by Teltonika The tracking devices comes with our M2M data sim installed. Live tracking platform and mobile Apps. Login credentials will be emailed to you with the subscription details. ProGPS has collaborated with Teltonika, the European industry leader in tracking and telematics, to join the[…]
Track your devices on Smartphone, PC or Tablet
Use any desktop PC, tablet, laptop or a smartphone to connect to our cloud-based live tracking platform. Track your devices from any location – you only need internet connectivity. Easy setup – does not require any technical skills After buying a device and subscribing, details for logging in will be sent to you. To begin,[…]
Gps Tracking Alerts & Notifications
SETUP ALERTS TO GET NOTIFICATIONS ProGPS tracking software allows you to access various alerts and notifications of crucial incidents. From a simple alert of speeding to your child arriving safely from school, you can pick from a range of alternatives. Each time that a predicted incident happens, ProGPS will immediately notify you and let you[…]
ProGPS Mobile APP
IOS & ANDROID COMPATIBLE APP ProGPS smartphone APP has a simplicity and accessibility of design in mind. You can use any smartphone or tablet to access our mobile App, which has complete compatibility with all iOS and Android gadgets. Our technicians work for hours to upgrade and enhance the user interface of ProGPS to offer a[…]
Gps Tracking Geo-fence Zones
Imaginary map barriers Gps Tracking Geo-fence Zones ProGPS enables users to draw imaginary borders around particular regions on the map, which can be customised to generate notifications when leaving or entering the zone. This feature is the perfect solution for avoiding vehicle theft attacks and unauthorised drivings. The tracking device will trigger a notification each[…]
Gps Tracking performance reports
ANALYSING THE GREEN DRIVING BEHAVIOUR Every fleet business in the industry incurs operational costs. With the assistance of ProGPS, you can significantly cut money expenses on fuel, driver-related costs and maintenance costs. Also have full control of your vehicle by appraising driver performance, and noting risky driving behaviours such as harsh braking, harsh acceleration and harsh cornering. Personal[…]
SEE ACCOMPLISHED TRIPS IN THE PAST Our manageable, adjustable tracking software does not need any installation and works perfect in any smartphone, tablet, or desktop PC. ProGPS enables users to simultaneously monitor hundreds of tracking units and gives comprehensive information concerning the past route history, including trip duration, speed, engine ideling, start/stop positions, and green driving[…]
ProGPS live tracking platform will give you the opportunity to track your vehicle in real time by accessing the ProGPS app available on App store and Google play, or from any desktop PC via any web browser. Cloud-based ProGPS Tracking Platform provides route history, reports, real-time vehicle tracking as well as many other tools to[…]