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ProGPS PG2 Self Install


ProGPS PG2 Self Install


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PG2 Self install device is a water proof GPS tracker and can be installed very easily by yourselves. FMT100 is integrated with the biggest GNSS antenna compared to all other FM Teltonika products which makes it possible to be mounted directly on vehicle battery under the bonnet.

Product Description

Quick and easy installation

PG2 Self Install or Teltonika FMT100 is a waterproof  GPS tracker with a very accurate GPS module and comes with an adhesive tape at the bottom which makes it easy to mount on top of the car’s battery.


Teltonika FMT100 is a smart and reliable GPS tracking device with  internal backup battery and Blue-tooth capability. This is the perfect solution for car insurance companies as it has a very precise crash trace functionality and solid waterproof case with build-in accelerometer & gyroscope sensors.