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ProGPS PG1 Immobiliser GPS Tracker


ProGPS PG1 Immobiliser GPS Tracker


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ProGPS PG1 has a multi network data SIM Card installed which connects to the strongest network in UK and Europe, preventing the lack of GSM signal in specific geographical areas linked with single network sims. Our data sims have unlimited usage pool, therefore you will not have to worry about about the sim running out of credit or oversea charges.

If you want, you can use your own single network PAY As You GO SIM Card, but you will need to contact us before you do.

  • Our Global SIM card operates in 190 nations all over the world switching between the strongest available networks.
  • You don’t have to change the SIM card on the device when travelling all over Europe.The tracker itself will switch automatically between networks.

Product Description

Key features

  • Affordable prices – for just £5 a month, unlimited data allowance on the data SIM Card, free mobile app and access to the tracking platform and customer service.
  • Simple installation – it operates connected to any 12V battery and input range of  10-30V. We will also provide with you with the installation guide.
  • Ready to use – Your tracker will be ready to use. You will just need to log in by adding the provided credentials on our GPS tracking platform and start tracking.
  • No direct debit – We don’t take automated payments from your card. Before it expires, we will contact you and ask if you would like to renew.


Our Global M2M SIM card operates in 190 nations all over the world switching between the strongest available networks.

  • Unlimited data plan, smart tracker, no top up of the  sim card required.
  • Any device added on our tracking platform has 7 day trial for free and no cancellation fee.
  • £5 per month package includes live tracking software, free app, data sim and customer service
  • GLONASS, GALILEO, BEIDOU and GPS satellite connection to offer extensive coverage.
  • Installation guide, user guide and login details will be sent to you with the device.


Geo-fence notifications.

A push notification will come trough immediately on your smartphone’s screen once the vehicle has moved out of the created zone(like home zone, work zone, parking zone etc). Also you can add your email address in order to receive the instant notifications via email or as a text message on your phone. For text messages you need to buy sms credits on our tracking platform.

The best option for motorcycles, caravans, tractors and quad bikes.

You can setup the Geo-fence zone alert simply by following ProGPS user guide on our website or by watching the video guide  below the tab FAQ.  If you find any difficulties, just  feel free to contact us via email or mobile phone and we will help you for anything related to the GPS tracking.


Is the installation complex?

The installation is really simple.  All you need to do is connect the red and black cables of the tracker to the live(+) and ground(+) terminals of the battery or if you want to hide it under the dashboard of your vehicle, we would highly recommend the help of an auto electrician. If you want to block and start the engine remotely, you’ll need to purchase a relay as well from our website.


What are the using costs?

Using your tracker will cost you £5 monthly. This gives a 24-hour use of our online GPS tracking platform, including unlimited Data on SIM Card for the UK and Europe. No cancellation charges, no contract and no top up needed for the sim card. Besides, all our devices come with one year warranty.


How do I track my vehicle?

You can use our GPS tracking platform immediately after fitting your tracker in the vehicle. This enables you to follow your vehicle at your convenience, from your smartphone or PC and gives real-time information and mapping (so you can see the precise location of your vehicle and evaluate its real-time speed). Go to our ProGPS home website and click on the ‘Track Vehicle’ button (User Name demo Password 123456).